The NHS-funded nursing care rate for 2023 is £219.71 per week.

Before October 1 2007, there were three different levels or bands of payment for Funded Nursing Care – low, medium and high.  If you moved into a care home before October 1 2007, and you were on the low or medium bands, you would have been transferred to the standard rate from that date.

However, if you moved into a care home before 1st October 2007 and you were on the high band, NHS-funded nursing care is paid at a higher rate, for 2023/2024 this is £302.25  per week.

How will my needs be assessed?

You will be assessed for NHS continuing healthcare before a decision is made about whether you need NHS-funded nursing care.  Your clinical commissioning group (CCG) will arrange an assessment for you.

Outcome of the assessment

If you are eligible for NHS-funded nursing care, the NHS will arrange and fund nursing care provided by registered nurses employed by the care home.

Who is eligible for NHS-funded nursing care?

You should receive NHS-funded nursing care if:

The NHS will make a payment directly to the care home to fund care from registered nurses who are usually employed by the care home.

How much is the NHS-funded nursing care state benefit?

NHS-funded nursing care is care provided by a registered nurse and is paid for by the NHS, for people who live in a care home.

For 2023/2024 the standard weekly rate per person for NHS-funded nursing care is £219.71 per week.

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